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Terry's Priorities

Meet Terry

Meet Terry

Terry's pledges

Terry's pledges

Terry's pledges

As Ward 7 Councillor, I :

  • Listen and learn before leading.

  • Do the right things and do things right.

  • Respect and include all people.  

  • Work to make Calgary a clean and safe city where no person is at risk of harm.

  • Work to achieve an affordable city by delivering quality services with current resources and without further increasing taxes.

  • Continue efforts to cut unnecessary bureaucratic red tape.

  • Ensure that parks, natural areas, and the urban tree canopy are preserved and enhanced throughout the city. 

  • Support and conserve the distinct culture, heritage, and sustainability of communities. 

  • Champion a strong and vibrant downtown through entrepreneurship, tourism, neighborhood revitalization, arts and culture, green spaces, and housing that is affordable.

  • Demand strong civic engagement and support ongoing review and improvement of planning policies including the Guide for Local Area Planning.

  • Promote Calgary as a "Must Visit Destination and a Great Visitor Experience".

  • Serve the public with integrity and facilitate mutual respect between citizens, City Administration, and Council.

  • Be accountable, transparent, and trustworthy.  Most importantly, I will be an advocate for you!

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