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Calgary Launches Incentive Program for Homeowners to Build Safe and Accessible Secondary Suites

The City of Calgary has launched the Secondary Suite Incentive Program, which promotes safe, quick, and accessible housing for Calgarians. The program, part of Home is Here: The City of Calgary's Housing Strategy provides qualifying homeowners up to $10,000 to cover construction costs for developing and registering a safe secondary suite. The program aims to promote safety standards, provide more diverse housing options, and encourage environmentally sustainable housing. The program will also offer an energy efficiency bonus of up to $1,250 and up to $5,000 if the suite meets accessibility improvement requirements. Funding is made possible through municipal and federal budgets, and incentives will be limited to one property per homeowner. The program is part of the City's efforts to create a safer and more inclusive housing landscape in Calgary.

Calgarians can learn more at For general information about how to register secondary suites or apply for permits, visit

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