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Calgary Launches Residential Foam Packaging Recycling Pilot Program

The City of Calgary is launching a six-month pilot project on May 13, driven by the collective desire to positively impact our environment. This initiative, requested by Calgarians, aims to significantly reduce waste in landfills by recycling clean foam packaging, such as shipping foam, foam egg cartons, foam meat trays (without absorbent pads), foam take-out containers, and coloured foam, excluding black polystyrene foam. Foam packaging cannot be accepted in the city's blue cart recycling program due to its tendency to break and crumble, complicating the recycling process. Instead, residents are encouraged to bring foam packaging directly to any of the three staffed City landfills, where staff can ensure proper disposal and recycling practices are followed. This pilot is free unless accompanied by other garbage or chargeable materials. In partnership with Styro-Go, a private recycler, the recycling effort aims to transform collected foam packaging into valuable products like cabinetry and bike helmets, promoting environmental sustainability and efficient resource use.

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