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Calgary Property Tax Update

The City of Calgary distributes property tax bills to nearly 570,000 properties across residential and non-residential sectors. The deadline to settle these bills is June 28, and any outstanding balances will result in a 7% penalty starting July 1.

Property owners should contact the 311 helpline for a statement of account if they have not received their bill by the first week of June. The penalty for late payment applies across the board, even if the tax bill was not received on time. Owners engaged in monthly payments via The City’s Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP) exempt from the June 28 deadline. Presently, over 310,000 property owners are benefiting from this plan. To avoid late payment penalties, full payment is required by June 28. Support programs are in place for eligible low-income homeowners

Property tax revenues are shared between the Alberta Government and The City of Calgary, supporting a myriad of vital city services such as police, fire, transit, and parks, alongside recreational and social programs. Property owners curious about how their taxes are utilized can explore this breakdown at, offering insights into the investment of their tax dollars into essential services for Calgary residents.

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