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Calgary's $800 Million Investment: Enhancing Community Strength and Infrastructure in 2024

In 2024, Calgary is investing over $800 million to strengthen our communities. This substantial amount will be used to improve our parks, streets, public transit, and City facilities for recreation and operations. This commitment reflects the Council's intention to build strong communities, infuse Calgary's structure with the energy needed for future growth, and ensure the delivery of essential services to the citizens of Calgary. As our city continues to grow, attracting more residents and business investments each year, The City is committed to providing services that benefit not just Calgarians but also businesses and tourists over both short and long terms.

Several significant projects will occur this year in the downtown area, contributing to Calgary's resilience and urban renewal. These include the construction of the Sunnyside Flood Barrier, which will enhance flood protection for the downtown area, the refurbishment of the 4 Avenue Flyover, which will improve traffic flow and safety, and the Mission Bridge, which will provide a more efficient route for commuters. However, these downtown projects are just a part of the broader construction efforts happening this season, which aim to secure Calgary's position as one of the most livable places globally. Here are a few highlights:

Enhancements for Quality of Life: A noteworthy project is the Calgary Soccer Center's upgrade, which includes adding a new FIFA-size artificial turf field under an air-conditioned dome and a new building featuring changing rooms and washrooms. With a budget of $28 million, work is expected to span from spring 2024 to 2025. Further details are available at

Calgary is also making significant strides in improving transportation. Over 100 enhancements are planned for our streets through the Various Street Improvements Program, covering intersections, traffic calming measures, sidewalks, pathways, and transit facilities. This initiative represents a $10 million investment in safety and operational enhancements scheduled for the 2024 season. Roadway rehabilitation is also a priority, with nearly 400 lane kilometres of road set for this work, thanks to an increased Council investment in 2023, amounting to about $50 million. The City’s Roadway Activity Map allows you to see the locations of the work underway.Additionally, the North Central Bus Rapid Transit line is being developed as a precursor to the future Green Line LRT service. This will provide faster and more reliable transit options for northern communities, reducing commute times and improving accessibility, starting from Country Hills Boulevard North to 28 Ave N.W., expected to complete by summer 2025.

Community Vibrancy and Safety: Efforts are underway in the Hillhurst, Hounsfield Heights-Briar Hill, Sunnyside, and West Hillhurst communities to enhance public spaces, boost mobility and accessibility, and protect against river flooding. For more information, visit

Updating Underground Utility Infrastructure: The City of Calgary is taking a proactive stance to safeguard and update aging infrastructure. Through various annual programs, we are working to minimize emergency repairs and service disruptions, benefiting communities citywide in 2024. This proactive approach should reassure our audience about the city's preparedness and commitment to their safety and convenience. Learn about these annual programs at

The City of Calgary is set to update Calgarians on these and other infrastructure projects throughout the year, aiming to facilitate navigation around the construction activities and enhance the quality of life and services for everyone in Calgary. We also encourage your active participation and feedback in these projects. Your input is valuable in shaping the future of our city.

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