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Enhancing Munro Park Together: Join Us in Shaping the Future

The City of Calgary is excited to invite residents to participate in the third community engagement phase for the Munro Park Improvements Project at 425 18 Ave. N.E. stands as a testament to Calgary's commitment to enhancing the livability and sustainability of our urban green spaces.

Journey So Far:

Since the inception of the Munro Park Master Plan in 2014, initiated by the proactive Winston Heights Mountview Community Association, we have seen the park evolve with community-first enhancements. Completing Phase 1 in 2017 brought about significant improvements, including a new walking and running track, added greenery, and upgraded picnicking areas, enriching the park's offering for all age groups.

Furthering our mission, Phase 2, powered by a $2.29 million grant from the EAGCS program in 2022, focused on critical updates to the playground equipment, the introduction of a skate park among other amenities, increased pathways, a new water fountain, and enhanced irrigation – all designed to bolster Munro Park as a cornerstone for recreation and community gatherings.

Collaborative Engagement:

Recognizing the importance of community input, the City conducted in-person engagement sessions in collaboration with local associations and community centers early in 2024. These sessions, along with an online platform, offered a pivotal opportunity for residents to voice their expectations, concerns, and aspirations for Munro Park's next evolution.

Leveraging feedback and alongside comprehensive technical analysis, the City has crafted an updated design concept that aligns with contemporary needs while paying homage to Munro Park's heritage and natural beauty.

Special Invitation to Ward 7 Residents:

To ensure comprehensive community representation in the decision-making process, we are extending a special invitation to the residents of Tuxedo Park and Crescent Heights from Ward 7. Acknowledging the valuable perspectives these communities can provide, we aim to connect through targeted social media ads and direct postcard mailings delivered to households. This focused outreach is designed to engage and collect feedback specifically on Munro Park's existing and proposed design concepts.

Your Voice in Phase 3:

The upcoming Phase 3 of community engagement marks a critical juncture in our collaborative journey. We seek your insights to refine and compare the newly developed concept against the foundational 2014 master plan, ensuring the park reflects our vibrant community's current and future needs.

Engagement Details:

This engagement phase will take place entirely online, making it accessible for everyone to participate. The City's Engage portal will be open from June 17 to July 8, 2024, and can be accessed via This is an opportunity for you to weigh in on the amenities, the degree of naturalization, and the overall design that best serves the fabric of our community.

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