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Experience the Dynamic Energy of 'Los Trompos' in Downtown Calgary this May!

Updated: 3 days ago

From May 1st to May 28th, downtown Calgary's Lot 6 will come alive with "Los Trompos," an interactive installation by Mexican artists Héctor Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena. Inspired by the traditional toy of spinning tops, this project encourages community connections and joy in an open, playful setting. It's part of a broader initiative to rejuvenate downtown Calgary, emphasizing the area as a vibrant place for living, working, and playing. City officials and creators highlight the installation to foster engagement, creativity, and economic growth, enhancing downtown's appeal to locals and visitors. Additional events and installations are planned alongside "Los Trompos," including a family-friendly celebration with music and food hosted by Mexifest on May 5th. This aligns with the city's vision to enrich downtown life and make it a dynamic hub for the community and tourists. More details about "Los Trompos" and other downtown activities can be found on the city's website.

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