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Let's Save Water Together This Spring, Calgary!

Updated: 3 days ago

Calgary is calling on its residents to conserve water this spring as the city faces ongoing drought conditions. Everyone should be more mindful of their water usage to combat the scarcity, particularly during the peak yard work season. Simple actions like restricting outdoor watering to the early mornings or late evenings and keeping it under four hours weekly can make a significant difference.

The city has provided several easy-to-follow tips for saving water both outdoors and indoors, from selecting drought-resistant plants to fixing leaky faucets and being efficient with appliance use. With an emphasis on cooperation and early action, Calgary aims to minimize water use and prepare for potential restrictions as the season progresses.

Plans are underway to update local laws and protocols to better address drought situations. This includes a system for outdoor water use that ensures conservation is a collective effort. As part of a comprehensive strategy, The City is diligently monitoring environmental conditions and collaborating with the Alberta government on water-sharing initiatives, demonstrating our proactive stance in managing the region's water resources.

Calgary and its vibrant community have consistently shown commitment to preserving water, a resource that's shown stable demand despite the city's growth. So let's keep up the excellent work, Calgary - every drop counts!

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