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Single-Use Items Bylaw Repealed

On May 7, 2024, the Calgary City Council officially repealed the Single-Use Items Charter Bylaw (1H2023). With immediate effect from the repeal, local businesses are no longer mandated to impose the previously required minimum fee for paper and reusable shopping bags, nor must they only offer shopping bags or foodware accessories upon customer request.

Although the mandate has been lifted, Calgary businesses retain the option to continue with eco-friendly measures that align with their internal practices. Some establishments are anticipated to continue charging for shopping bags and inquiring about customers' need for foodware accessories prior to dispensing them, even without the bylaw's enforcement.

It is important to note that this repeal only affects the regulations of the City of Calgary. All businesses operating within Calgary must continue adhering to the Government of Canada's Single-use Plastics Prohibition Regulations, which governs the usage of plastic shopping bags, cutlery, and straws on a federal level.

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