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Water Main Break Update

Watermain break causes flooding and road closures in NW Calgary communities

The City has investigated and confirmed an extensive water main break in the NW areas of Bowness and Montgomery that occurred at 5:30 pm on Wednesday June 5. We are confirming the full extent of the impacts and will provide more information as soon as we know more information. Water main break has been stemmed at the location and water has been diverted around the break. Repairs are underway and expected to take a 2-5 days.

We ask Calgarians to severely reduce their water use both indoors and outdoors over the next 24 hours. The degree of water restriction and duration will be announced by The City once a complete assessment is known. Please call 3-1-1 if you have lost severe or complete water pressure.

Restrict calls 9-1-1 to incidences of experiencing physical harm / injury, property damage, vehicle loss / accident, acts of criminal behaviour, or threats to business or persons.

The Ward 7 Office is directly informed of water restriction and infrastructure repairs via City Administration per Executive Briefings and Media Releases. Further instruction and information will be provided and posted on our Ward 7 website as soon as we know more details. 

For general inquiries, please send an email to

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